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About Open Access Books

Open access books allow unrestricted online access to your ebook with no reading or subscription fees. Authors retain copyright and are able to comply with funders' open access (OA) mandates. We offer authors the option to publish open access books and chapters in a wide range of areas within imprints in the humanities, science, technology, and medicine (STM).

Our Open access academic books average receive 10 times more downloads and get more citations, and 15 times more online mentions compared to non-open-access books. Open access books can have a more geographically diverse readership, reaching on average 60% more countries than non-open access books.

List of Open Access Book:

  1. Practical Lab Manual of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry - I
  2. Handbook of Gynaecpathology – A Simplified Approach in Nutshell
  3. Periodontal Medicine
  4. Practical Lab Manual of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry - II, B. Pharm 3rd Semester (As Per PCI Syllabus)

    Why should you publish your research as an open access book?
  • To reach a wider audience
  • High-quality standards
  • To comply with funder mandates

We offer a free open access funding and policy support service to make it easier for our authors to discover and apply for funding to cover the Book Processing Charges (BPC).

We offer the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY) License by default, to ensure maximum reuse and redistribution as long as the original author is attributed; this license is preferred by many funders. Other Creative Commons licenses are available on request.



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