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Telangana Journal of Psychiatry

Neurobiology of Pornography Addiction – A clinical review

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Review Article

Author Details : Avinash De Sousa, Pragya Lodha

Volume : 3, Issue : 2, Year : 2017

Article Page : 66-70

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The aim of the current review is to provide a clinically oriented overview of the neurobiology of pornography addiction. The review first looks at the basic neurobiology of addiction with the basic reward circuit and structures involved generally in any addiction. The focus then shifts to pornography addiction and studies done on the neurobiology of the condition are reviewed. The role of dopamine in pornography addiction is reviewed along with the role of certain brain structures as seen on MRI studies. fMRI studies involving visual sexual stimuli have been used widely to study the neuroscience behind pornography usage and the findings from these studies are highlighted. The effect of pornography addiction on higher order cognitive functions and executive function is also stressed. The review ends with an outline of newer emerging paradigms and the future research needs in the area.
Keywords: Neurobiology, Pornography addiction, Pornography, Addictions, Behavioral addictions, Dopamine, Visual sexual Stimuli, fMRI.

How to cite : Sousa A D, Lodha P, Neurobiology of Pornography Addiction – A clinical review. Telangana J Psychiatry 2017;3(2):66-70

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