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Panacea Journal of Medical Sciences

Study of Relationship between Thumbprint Patterns and ABO Blood Groups

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Author Details : Jain Aarushi, Kasulkar Arti, Mardikar PA

Volume : 6, Issue : 1, Year : 2016

Article Page : 34-36

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Identity is a set of physical characteristics, functional and pathological, that defines an individual. The various identification data that can be used are fingerprints, handwriting, lip marks, DNA fingerprinting, etc. The present study was carried out in 100 undergraduate medical, dental and physiotherapy students to screen thumbprint patterns of various individuals, to screen ‘ABO’ blood groups of the same individuals, and to study the relationship between thumbprint type and blood group. We found that B +ve type was the commonest (53%), followed by O +ve (23%), and A positive (12%) and AB positive (8%). Loop pattern was commonest with blood group B +ve (25%), whorl pattern is found most commonly in blood group B +ve followed by blood group A and AB. We may conclude that there is an association between distribution of thumbprint patterns and blood group. Determination of blood group of a person is possible based on his/her thumbprint patterns.

Keywords: Blood group, Relationship, Thumbprint pattern

How to cite : Aarushi J, Arti K, Mardikar Pa, Study of Relationship between Thumbprint Patterns and ABO Blood Groups. Panacea J Med Sci 2016;6(1):34-36

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