Journal of Preventive Medicine and Holistic Health

Prevention of mental health disorders: A yogic perspective

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Article Type : Review Article

Author Details: Rajendra Singh*,Reena Rajput,Vatsala Pathak

Volume : 5

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : 2454-6712

Print ISSN : 2454-6704

Article First Page : 73

Article End Page : 76


This universal prayer of Vedic lineage clearly indicates the concern of community health care because someone with a “healthy mind” has clear thoughts, the ability to solve the problems of daily life, enjoys good relationships with friends, family, and work colleagues, is spiritually at ease, and can bring happiness to others.

Where as Mental Health Disorders can be defined as any illness experienced by a person which affects their emotions, thoughts or behavior, is out of keeping with their cultural beliefs and personality, and produces a negative effect on their lives or the lives of their families. Symptoms of illness can appear in the form of persistent changes in mood, perception of reality, or capacity to organize or maintain thoughts. Such changes will interfere with the person’s usual beliefs, personality or social function.

Results of a recent assessment of 184 of 196 World Health Organization (WHO) member states (representing 95% of WHO member states and 98% of the world’s population) have indicated that there is a growing burden of neuropsychiatric & Psychological disorders and that mental health resources remain insufficient (WHO 2011). Regarding psychosocial interventions, only 44% of countries providing these services. Upper-middle income and high income countries provide more psychosocial care at a majority of facilities (61% and 59% respectively) compared to lower-middle (34%) and low income countries (14%).

Yoga today is gaining popularity, today, yoga has been considered the science of correct living and therefore is intended to the imbibed in daily life. It not just works on any single aspect of a persons life, rather it works on the physical, the emotional, the mental as well as the spiritual level, and yoga is considered a means of harmonizing and balancing the body, emotion and mind.

Keywords: Mental Health Disorders, Yogic Philosophy, Chakras, Pranas.

Doi No:-10.18231/j.jpmhh.2019.014