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Year-2019 | Volume: 7 | Issue 1

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Original Article

Phytochemical, GC-MS and FT-IR Analysis of Papaver somniferum L

Author : S. Kumaravel, P.Muthukumaran, Nimia Nimia

Doi :   Page No : 1-8

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Analysis of genome variation in CEs of meningococcal isolates

Author : Mohammad Abdul Rahmman Al-Maeni

Doi :   Page No : 9-19

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Preliminary evalution of ayurvedic preprations of taila ’s and churna’s

Author : Kuchekar Mohini, Upadhye Mohini, Dherenge Kanchan

Doi :   Page No : 26-28

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Assessment of heavy metal levels in blood of metal forging factory workers in nnewi, Anambra state, Nigeria

Author : A.N. Okpogba, E.C. Ogbodo, E.C. Ugwu, C.C. Dike, S.O. Nwoko, A.K. Amah, E.P. Mounmbegna, M.N. Izuogu

Doi :   Page No : 34-40

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Review Article

Anti-Inflammatory activity of seeds extract of datura stramonium against carrageenan induced paw edema on albino wistar rats

Author : Rishika Agarwal, Ravi Gupta, Rajesh Yadav, Vivek Asati, Jagdish Chandra Rathi

Doi :   Page No : 41-46

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