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Year-2017 | Volume: 5 | Issue 2

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Challenges in accessing appropriate contraception among students in Zimbabwe State Universities

Author : Evans Chazireni, Hazel Chidzawo

Doi :   Page No : 37-41

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Studies on genotoxic, geno-protective and cyto-protective effects of Garcinia gummi-gutta extract against mitomycin C

Author : Vishma B. L., Prashantha Naik, Sujayraj R. S

Doi :   Page No : 42-48

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Green tea: is it a health drink or just a beverage? An observational study in over weight student volunteers

Author : Regina Roy, Ravi Indla, Thangam Chinnathambi, Suresh Kumar S, Vidhyasagaran, Fazulu Rahiman

Doi :   Page No : 49-55

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Evaluation of Self Medication and other medicine use practices in elderly patients

Author : Kavita Jaiswal, Kiran Khaladkar, M.C.Mehta, Neha Moghe

Doi :   Page No : 67-73

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Neurological symptoms in dengue fever: A cross sectional observational study

Author : Sridhar Amalakanti

Doi :   Page No : 74-76

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