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Year-2017 | Volume: 3 | Issue 2

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Original Article

Clinical evaluation of serum transaminases and plasma glucose levels in patients with oral lichen planus: A hospital based study

Author : Merrin Jose, Anita Balan

Doi :   Page No : 82-87

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Review Article

Membrane Marker Sensory Strategy- a neoteric concept

Author : Malay Kumar, Sameera Khan, Pushpam Dwivedi, Pravin Gaikwad, Akhtar Riaz

Doi :   Page No : 94-97

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Oral cancer survival- an overview of Dental Surgeon's role

Author : Malay Kumar, Akhtar Riaz, Sameera Khan, Pushpam Dwivedi, Ankur Agarwal

Doi :   Page No : 98-102

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Laser in Oral Mucosal Lesions - An innovative tool

Author : Susmit Sneha, Amit Mhapushar, Santosh Jadhav, Shams Ul Nisa

Doi :   Page No : 103-106

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Case Report

Ameloblastic carcinoma of the mandible: A rare entity

Author : Ramesh Kumar Koothati, Anuradha Chennupati, Palutla Mallika Mahalakshmi, Vangala Sravan Kumar Reddy

Doi :   Page No : 107-110

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Mucocutaneous Angiomyolipoma of Premaxillary region Masquerading as Lipoma: a known but rare occurrence

Author : Sunitha Shankaralingappa, Kataveeranahally Shekar Manjunath, Sneha Patil

Doi :   Page No : 111-113

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Polymorphous low grade adenocarcinoma–A diagnostic challenge

Author : N. Balan, Edwina J, Sunita Amruthesh, Sudhaamani, Yasmeen Ahamed

Doi :   Page No : 114-116

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Glandular odontogenic cyst: a clinically challenging pathology

Author : Heena Sayed, Aatif Sayed, Amit Sangle

Doi :   Page No : 117-120

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Herpes zoster oticus, neural invasion of virus: a case report and review of literature

Author : Ruhi Sidhu, Sunira Chandra, Navdeep Kooner Shergill

Doi :   Page No : 121-123

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Nasolabial flap used in management of oral submucous fibrosis: A case-report

Author : Pallavi Khan, Raghavendra S. Kurdekar, Jeevan Prakash V., Ashish Vyas, Harshitha Mathur

Doi :   Page No : 124-126

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Short Communication

Transforming dental radiologist to diagnostic and interventional imageologist: A Short Communication

Author : Kotya Naik Maloth, Vinay Kumar Reddy Kundoor

Doi :   Page No : 127-129

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