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Journal of Education Technology in Health Sciences

Perception of Medical Post graduate students about Internship period

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Author Details : Amruta Dashputra, Suresh Chari, Archana Borkar

Volume : 3, Issue : 2, Year : 2016

Article Page : 42-45

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After completing final MBBs exam, Medical  Internship is a period in which medical students have to experience medicine by its reality, do clinical work with minimal supervision and as well as have opportunity to communicate directly with patients. Medical Interns has high level of stress because of hospital work, preparation for PG entrance exam. Because of these problems this golden period of medical career may be filled with dissatisfaction, which may lead in to stress, depression and anxiety. Thus this project is designed to identify medical student’s problems during internship period, so corrective steps can be taken.
A questionnaire based cross-sectional study was conducted at NKPSIMS. A 20 item questionnaire was validated by 15 members of Medical Education Technology of Unit of Institute. Questionnaire was categorized into two groups learning and experiences during internship period. This pre-validated questionnaire rated against Likert scale was administered to first year post graduate medical students (n=66), who had completed their compulsory rotatory medical internship.
Data was analyzed using mean score and standard deviation for each item and summative score was prepared.
It was observed that students were satisfied with learning during internship period (71.57%). Most of students were in agreement about learning from consultants, resident doctors (3.65±1.20, 3.98±0.86 respectively) and by self-learning (3.91±0.94). Most of the students disagreed that they had negative experiences during internship period (summative score 32.53/65) Agreement was observed   about no time for PG entrance exam preparation (3.88±1.23), so working hours has to be reschedule to accommodate study hours (3.88±1.3).

Keywords: Learning, Experiences, Satisfaction, Working hours

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