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IP Journal of Diagnostic Pathology and Oncology

Knowledge, awareness and practices regarding sharp injuries among health care workers of pathology lab in a tertiary care hospital

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Author Details : Malti Kumari Maurya, Rana Pratap Maurya, Rashmi Kushwaha, Madhu Kumar, Reema Kumari

Volume : 2, Issue : 2, Year : 2017

Article Page : 20-25

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Introduction: Needle stick injury (NSIs) is the major source for transmission of blood borne infection among health care workers (HCWs). Risk of needle stick/sharp injury with acquisition of blood-borne pathogens is quite common in HCWs of pathology labs while performing their clinical activities. Due to lack of proper knowledge and awareness they are negligent about their own health.
Aim: To assess the knowledge, awareness and practices regarding sharp injuries among the health care workers of Pathology lab.
Materials and Method: This observational cross-sectional study was conducted among 120 volunteer HCWs of pathology lab which included 11 Consultant pathologists, 41 Junior Residents, 44 Lab technicians, 18 Lab attendant and 6 Senior Residents/ Research Assistants. Data was recorded on a pretested structured questionnaire having a full range of response options designed to identify the HCWs knowledge, awareness, practice and incidence regarding needle stick injury.
Result: Among 120 HCWs, 31.67% had history of NSIs in last 6 months and main cause was hollow needle (24.16%) followed by scalpel/blade (6.67%) and broken glass (0.83%). Highest incidence of NSIs were found during blood collection and FNAC (31.58%) followed by grossing/section cutting (18.42%), housekeeping (13.16%) and bone marrow procedure (5.26%).
Conclusion: All HCWs had good knowledge and awareness regarding NSI, follow the universal precautions but less concerned about reporting post-exposure prophylaxis to IC office.

Needle stick injury, sharp injury, Health care workers, Pathology lab, blood born pathogen

How to cite : Maurya M K, Maurya R P, Kushwaha R, Kumar M, Kumari R, Knowledge, awareness and practices regarding sharp injuries among health care workers of pathology lab in a tertiary care hospital. IP J Diagn Pathol Oncol 2017;2(2):20-25

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