The Journal of Community Health Management

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Year-2014 | Volume: 1 | Issue 1

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Disease Ontology

Author : SC Mohapatra and Meghkanta Mohapatra

Doi :   Page No : 1-5

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The influence of co-morbidities and gender differences in causation of physical disability among elderly individuals of north-west Rajasthan

Author : Sitaram Gupta, Pankaj Kumar Gupta, Surendra Singh Sekhawat

Doi :   Page No : 6-11

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Item analysis and validation of MCQs in Paediatrics for final MBBS examinations

Author : Nimain C. Mohanty, Nitin N. Kadam, Vijay Kamale, Ipseeta Ray Mohanty

Doi :   Page No : 12-16

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Geriatric nutritional status in rural areas of Varanasi

Author : Ravi Shankar, A. Mohapatra and SC Mohapatra

Doi :   Page No : 17-22

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Comparative assessment of self-medication practices among under-graduate Medical and Engineering students

Author : Sai Divya, Savitri Katlam, Ipseeta Ray Mohanty, JD Jindal, YA Deshmukh

Doi :   Page No : 23-29

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Nutritional Status of School Children in Urban Area of Varanasi, UP, India

Author : Pragya Singh, SC Mohapatra, Hari Shankar

Doi :   Page No : 30-35

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Morbidities and its relationship with disability and psychological wellbeing among elderly in Varanasi District

Author : Mohan Gupta, Kshitij Raj, SC Mohapatra

Doi :   Page No : 36-45

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Gender wise differences in health complications among elderly of rural Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Author : Bhanu Priya Singh, T.B. Singh

Doi :   Page No : 50-55

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Policies and priorities for healthier sustainable water management in river basin cities of developing countries

Author : Naveen Kumar Mishra, Meghkanta Mohapatra

Doi :   Page No : 56-66

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Poor oral dental hygiene and aspiration Pneumonia

Author : M Jaiswal, TP Chaturvedi, GN Srivastava, AV Parihar, CB Pratap

Doi :   Page No : 67-71

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