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IP Journal of Urology, Nephrology & Hepatology Science

Bladder preservation in radiation induced high grade urinary bladder sarcoma: A case report

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Case Report

Author Details : Gautam Ram Choudhry*, Pawan Garg, Aasma Nalwa

Volume : 2, Issue : 2, Year : 2019

Article Page : 27-28

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Long-term survivors of malignancy who received radiotherapy are at a significantly increased risk for the development of second malignant neoplasms (SMNs). Urinary bladder (UB) is one of the target organ for SNM following infra-diaphragmatic radiotherapy for seminoma. Management depends upon stage of presentation and patients clinical profile often limited. Bladder sparing surgery for muscle invasive bladder cancer in carefully selected patients give equivalent results with radical cystectomy. We managed a patient of urinary bladder sarcoma who received radiotherapy for testicular seminoma 14 years ago. Patients with second malignant neoplasm have limited choices of treatment because of prior chemo- radiation, however careful selection of treatment gives appropriate results. In our case, with simultaneous marking the line of cystotomy on both side of the urinary bladder helped in preserving good capacity urinary bladder. Follow up to 28 months patient have no recurrence and no lower urinary tract symptoms.

Keywords: Bladder, Partial, Radiation, Sarcoma, Seminoma, Urinary.

How to cite : Choudhry G R, Garg P, Nalwa A, Bladder preservation in radiation induced high grade urinary bladder sarcoma: A case report. J Urol Nephrol Hepatol Sci 2019;2(2):27-28

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