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Year 2020

Volume: 7 , Issue: 1

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis

Silver nanoparticles used in the antibacterial preparations

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Article Type : Review Article

Author Details: Chandni Yadav*,Vaishnav Rajat,Anju Goyal

Volume : 6

Issue : 3

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Nanotechnology is the emerging field in medicine that is expected to induce exceptional therapeutic benefits. Nanoparticles have been improving the therapeutic effect of drugs and are prepared by using varioustechniques. Silver Nanoparticles are attracting interest for the clinical application because of its potential biological properties such as antibacterial properties; antifungal properties etc. Due to its highly efficient properties Silver Nanoparticles are invasively used in the field of medical and health care. Against a large number of micro-organisms, Silver Nanoparticles are proven to be exceptionally productive for their antibacterial effects. Its mechanism of action is still unknown but the method of synthesis is highly economical, affordable and reliable. Desired properties can be achieved by changing the shapes and Sizes of Silver Nanoparticles.
The main aim of this work is to provide an outline and general review on Silver Nanoparticles, with special reference to their mechanism of action and antimicrobial activity.

Keywords: Silver nanoparticles, Antimicrobial activity, Biocompatibility, Synthesis, Medical applications.

Doi No:-10.18231/j.ijpca.2019.011