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Year-2018 | Volume: 4 | Issue 4

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Original Article

Outcome of DCS (Dynamic Condylar Screw) in failed proximal femur nails in intertrochanteric fractures: A retrospective study

Author : Keyur Shah, Abhishek Gol, Dhimant Patel, Hriday Acharya, Ranjan Patariya

Doi :   Page No : 310-315

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Comparison of outcome of distal humerus fracture: Single extra articular humerus plating versus bipillar plating

Author : Kaushal Anand, Meet Mehta, Jaimin Patel, Jenti Katariya, Rushik Gandhi

Doi :   Page No : 325-331

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Outcome of locking plate fixation in cases of comminuted proximal ulna fractures

Author : Sanjeev Kumar Singhal, V K Sahni, Manoj Garg, Anand Gupta

Doi :   Page No : 332-337

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Evaluation of risk factors of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) Injury: A prospective comparative analysis

Author : Ashish Devgan, Chanchal Barman, Monish Malhotra, Rajesh Rohilla, Pradeep Yadav

Doi :   Page No : 354-361

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Results of single-stage acetabulum reconstruction and total hip arthroplasty in the management of pelvic discontinuity caused by ununited acetabulum fracture

Author : Dharmendra Kumar, Narendra Singh Kushwaha, Yashwardhan Jaiswal, Amit Singh, Vineet Sharma

Doi :   Page No : 368-374

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Clinical, MRI findings and arthroscopic correlation of the meniscal injuries of the knee

Author : Vijay Chandru, Nagakiran K V, Anupama Chandrappa, Ishani Patel

Doi :   Page No : 390-393

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Rhinosporidiosis with musculoskeletal manifestation: A case series

Author : Bikram Keshari Kar, Rajat Banchhor, Rudra Pratap Singh Thakur, Debajyoti Mohanty, Niza Monga

Doi :   Page No : 405-410

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Abductor reconstruction with gluteus maximus transfer in revision hemiarthroplasty

Author : N Abhilash, Ronald Joseph Menezes, Jubin Abraham

Doi :   Page No : 411-413

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