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IP International Journal of Ocular Oncology and Oculoplasty

Efficacy of fibrin glue versus suture in patients undergoing conjunctival autograft for primary pterygium

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Author Details : Reshma Ramakrishnan, Shrikant Deshpande, Saurabh Shrivastava, Shruti Gajera, Dhairya Parikh

Volume : 3, Issue : 2, Year : 2017

Article Page : 112-115

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Purpose: The present study was undertaken to assess the efficacy of fibrin glue versus suture in patients undergoing conjunctival autograft with special reference to operating time, post-operative outcomes and post-operative visual outcomes during follow-up.
Design: Two years prospective randomized controlled trial was conducted for 40 patients who presented to the department of Ophthalmology, who fulfilled inclusion criteria and were willing to enrol in the study.
Method: After taking informed consent, detailed history regarding patients name, age, sex, occupation, address, presenting symptoms, duration, progression, and associated conditions was recorded. Patients were then randomized into two Groups: Conjunctival autograft with suture (Group 1) and Conjunctival autograft with fibrin glue (Group 2). Following parameters were noted in both Groups (1) Operating time in both Groups (2) Post-operative outcomes like pain, foreign body sensation. (3) Visual outcomes in both groups.
Results: The mean operating time in fibrin group was 30.950 minutes (SD= 2.946), whereas in suture group, the mean operating time was 43.40 minutes (SD = 2.703). On post-operative day one, 15 (75%) patients had pain in fibrin group whereas in suture group all 20 (100%) patients had pain. Foreign body sensation was present among 80% patients on post-operative day one, 90% on day three, 25% on day ten, 5% during week three and 0% at the end of the follow up as compared to suture group where all the patients (100%) complained about foreign body sensation on post-operative day one and three which decreased to 90% on post-operative day ten and persisted among 80% at week three and 10% at week six. The mean pre-operative uncorrected log MAR values were 0.390 (SD=0.161) which decreased to 0.190 (SD=0.085) in fibrin group.
Conclusion: There was marked reduction in operating time and post-operative pain and foreign body sensation in fibrin group as compared with suture group.

Autograft, Fibrin Glue, Pterygium

How to cite : Ramakrishnan R, Deshpande S, Shrivastava S, Gajera S, Parikh D, Efficacy of fibrin glue versus suture in patients undergoing conjunctival autograft for primary pterygium. IP Int J Ocul Oncol Oculoplasty 2017;3(2):112-115

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