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IP International Journal of Ocular Oncology and Oculoplasty

Long term evaluation of pterygium excision with conjunctival autografting using autologous blood

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Author Details : Teena Agrawal*, Mahesh Agrawal

Volume : 6, Issue : 2, Year : 2020

Article Page : 118-121

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Aim: To evaluate the long term outcome of pterygium excision with conjunctival autografting (CAG)
using economically viable autologous blood.
Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective analysis of total 40 patients who underwent Pterygium
excision with CAG using autologous blood as per our inclusion and exclusion criterion. After pterygium
excision by avulsion method, we put the 1mm oversized CAG using autologous blood oozing on bare
sclera and margins were tucked. Gentle massage for 10 minutes was given. The patients were followed for
48 months to measure the outcome.
Results: Our study shows CAG with autologous blood is very effective with zero percent recurrence
and retraction of graft. Only in 1 case (2.5%) we have identified gap in graft-host junction as long term
complications. This also does not required any intervention as gap was <1mm> Conclusion : Our study shows long term safety, success of economically viable CAG with autologous
blood following pterygium excision.

Keywords: Conjunctival auto grafting CAG, Sutureless, Glue less, Autologous blood, Graft host junction gap, Pterygium.

Doi : 10.18231/j.ijooo.2020.025

How to cite : Agrawal T, Agrawal M, Long term evaluation of pterygium excision with conjunctival autografting using autologous blood. IP Int J Ocul Oncol Oculoplasty 2020;6(2):118-121

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