International Journal of Oral Health Dentistry

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Year-2016 | Volume: 2 | Issue 2

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Evaluation of the effect of menopause on saliva and dental health

Author : Divya Parakh, Bharat K Garla, Rushabh Dagli, Jitender Solanki, Prerna Thareja, Deepika Vyas

Doi :   Page No : 71-76

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Micronuclei frequency as an early diagnostic tool for detection of Oral Cancer: A comparative study

Author : Akanksha Gupta, Thimmarasa V Bhovi, Prashant P Jaju, Ankit Gupta, Manas Gupta, Kriti Shrivastava

Doi :   Page No : 77-83

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Correlation between caries status and Body Mass Index in school children aged 6-10 Years in Greater Noida

Author : Mohd. Khateeb Khan, Shivlingesh K.K., Vartika Agarwal, Bhuvan Deep Gupta, Richa Anand, Abhinav Sharm

Doi :   Page No : 84-87

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Work engagement among dental and medical professionals in Jodhpur city

Author : Divya Parakh, Bharath K Garla, Rushabh Dagli, Geetika Arora Bhateja, Deepika Vyas, Preksha Pewa

Doi :   Page No : 88-94

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Ozone Therapy: Healing properties of the Blue Gas (BG)

Author : Anagha V Shete, Arun V Subramaniam, Digamber M Sable, Swati V Patil, Mahesh S Chavan, Mrinal V Shete

Doi :   Page No : 95-98

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Management of Oral Leukoplakia with Photodynamic Therapy

Author : Sujata K. Satoskar, Aarathi S Shenoy, Sapna Raut Dessai

Doi :   Page No : 99-101

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Newer Orthodontic Archwires: Imparting Efficacy to Esthetics

Author : Neethu Philip, Subha Sunny, Lenin Abraham George, PJ Antony

Doi :   Page No : 102-105

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Hand wrist radiograph: A Critical Review

Author : Sarika Sharma, Sudhanshu Sharma, Anil Kumar Goyal

Doi :   Page No : 106-109

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An esthetic ocular prosthesis by characterization effect

Author : Himanshu Aeran, Amit Kumar, Neeraj Sharma

Doi :   Page No : 110-113

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Revascularization of an immature Permanent molar with necrotic pulp and apical periodontitis using MTA: A case report

Author : Savitha Satyaprasad, Somesh Kishore, Krisnamoorthy S.H., Nisma Zhoor

Doi :   Page No : 114-118

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Conservative management of Amlodipine induced gingival enlargement: A Clinical Report

Author : Zeba Jafri, Nafis Ahmad

Doi :   Page No : 123-125

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