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Year-2018 | Volume: 4 | Issue 2

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Review Article

A Review on applications of Silver diamine fluoride in dentistry

Author : Meena Jain, Vishal Jain, Nidhi Agarwal

Doi :   Page No : 58-62

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Therapy and aesthetics achieved by a toxin- Botulinum: A comprehensive review

Author : Yogeshwari Krishnan, Akram Belmehdi, Lakshya Vishnoi, Jyotsna Seth

Doi :   Page No : 63-70

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Redefining dental care to serve patients with special health care needs: A review

Author : Yogeshwari Krishnan, Lakshya Vishnoi, Himanshu Aeran, Varun Kumar

Doi :   Page No : 71-76

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Original Article

Knowledge, approach and recommendations of paediatricians for preventing early childhood caries in children

Author : Sonal S. Gaikwad, Vinaya K. Kulkarni, Divya K. Agarwal, Heta Rajawadha, Gadhe D. Eknath

Doi :   Page No : 77-85

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Marginal accuracy on titanium implant abutments with ring and ringless casting technique- An in vitro study

Author : Himanshu Aeran, Lara Jain, Neeraj Sharma, Jyotsna Seth

Doi :   Page No : 104-110

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Comparison of pyogenic granuloma excision using scalpel, electrosurgery and diode laser

Author : Madhuri A. Sawai, Zeba Jafri, Nishat Sultan, Anika Daing, Kirti Chawla

Doi :   Page No : 114-117

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Enigma to the endodontist: A case report of mandibular first premolar with two roots and root canals

Author : Shalini Singh, Nitin Mirdha, Rahul VC Tiwari, Kritika Sehrawat, Yesh Sharma

Doi :   Page No : 118-120

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Case report of metastatic presence of lingual lymph nodes in carcinoma alveolus of mandible

Author : Jacob John, Rahul Tiwari, Kaushal Charan Pahari, Philip Mathew, Heena Tiwari

Doi :   Page No : 121-123

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Pleomorphic adenoma of hard palate -A case report

Author : Rachana P.B, Ramaraj P.N, Kiruba Shankar K, Singh Rohit Subedar, Vijaya Lakshmi G

Doi :   Page No : 127-129

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Retrieval of separated instrument from the root canal– A review of techniques and management of a case

Author : Anchal Mehta, Sumita Bhagwat, Radhika Kulkarni, Leena Padhya

Doi :   Page No : 130-135

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Lateral Pedicle Graft for management of isolated gingival recession - A case report

Author : Surendra Singh, Neetu Rani, Anjani K. Pathak, Nandlal

Doi :   Page No : 136-138

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