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Year-2017 | Volume: 4 | Issue 2

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Clinical profile of STIs/RTIs in women in northwest Punjab

Author : Anita Madan, Alpna Thakur, KJPS Puri

Doi :   Page No : 104-107

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Urinary tract infection and its effect on outcome of pregnancy

Author : Esha Michael, Rekha Wadhwani

Doi :   Page No : 108-111

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Retrospective Observational Study of Caesarean Section Cases in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Odisha

Author : Manasi Patnaik, Banya Das

Doi :   Page No : 112-115

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Gestational diabetes mellitus and perinatal complications - A clinical study

Author : Jayati Nath

Doi :   Page No : 120-122

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A comparative study of the methods of tubal patency using Hysterosapingography, Sonosalpinography and Laproscopic Chromopertubation

Author : Kalpana, Maya Singh, Priyanka Rai, Arun Nagrath, Sonia Vishvakarma

Doi :   Page No : 123-126

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Clinicopathological profile of breast lesions at tertiary care centre: A study of 602 cases

Author : Kusum Heda, Kalpana Beniwal, Kalpana Sharma, Neena Kasliwal

Doi :   Page No : 127-131

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Analysis of current trends in caesarean section in a tertiary care hospital

Author : Krishnapriya Radhakrishnan, Rathi Devi, Nikil Shetty, Pundalik Balliga

Doi :   Page No : 132-136

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Usefulness of PAPP-A in predicting adverse pregnancy outcome

Author : Madhumathi, Jaya Vijayaraghavan

Doi :   Page No : 137-140

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Correlation of reduced amniotic fluid index with maternal outcome

Author : Rachna Chaudhary, Shakun Singh, Vandana Dhama, Madhumita Singh

Doi :   Page No : 141-145

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Perinatal outcome of meconium stained liquor in pre-term, term and post-term pregnancy

Author : Pooja Gupta Jain, Rakhi Sharma, Meenu Bhargava

Doi :   Page No : 146-150

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A prospective trial to study the safety and effectiveness of oral RU-486 (mifepristone) and Prostaglandin analogue (misoprostol) in missed abortion

Author : Pranabika Mahanta, Phatik Chandra Kalita, Anuradha Hazarika Medhi

Doi :   Page No : 151-154

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Comparison of two methods of delivery of the deeply engaged fetal head at Cesarean delivery

Author : Neeraj Kulkarni, SM Deepti Pinto Rosario, Bijesh Yadav, Ruby Jose

Doi :   Page No : 155-160

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Barriers for non–acceptance of permanent method of family planning among eligible couples in a Teaching Hospital- A cross sectional study

Author : Sunil Kumar Samal, Setu Rathod, Seetesh Ghose, P. Pallavee

Doi :   Page No : 161-165

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Association between the standardized pelvic organ prolapse quantification system (POP Q) and Shaw's system of classification for pelvic organ prolapse

Author : Vandana Dhama, Shakun Singh, Rachna Chaudhary, Manisha Singh, Madhumita Singh

Doi :   Page No : 166-170

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Thyroid Disorder and Menstrual Disorders - A tertiary care hospital based cross sectional study in Silk city Kancheepuram, South India

Author : Wills G. Sheela, Vijayalakshmi P, Mohanambal, Chellatamizh M.

Doi :   Page No : 171-174

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Comparison of efficacy of diagnostic hysteroscopy and transvaginal sonography in evaluation of women with abnormal uterine bleeding

Author : Vasundhara Padmanabhan, D. Susmitha, Satya Sowjanya

Doi :   Page No : 175-178

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Study of post dated and term pregnancy with fetomaternal outcome at RRMCH

Author : Punya BS, Sailakshmi MPA

Doi :   Page No : 179-183

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An epidemiological analysis of cervical cancer in women age less than 30 years and their prognosis, a regional cancer center experience

Author : Santosh Kumar Dora, Shilpa M. Patel, Niyati Jain, Ava Desai, Meeta Mankad

Doi :   Page No : 184-188

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Study of cervical PAP smear at medical college hospital in a rural setup

Author : R. Sujatha, Archana, N. Saravana Kumar, PM Subramaniam

Doi :   Page No : 189-192

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Feasibility of total laparoscopic hysterectomy for benign pathology in large uteri (≥ 300 Grams)

Author : D. Kavitha Yogini, B. Devi, C. Palanivelu, P. Kodeeswari

Doi :   Page No : 193-197

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Maternal and perinatal outcome of eclampsia in SDM Medical College Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology- a 5 years retrospective study

Author : Rita D. Vijaychandra Doggalli, Dhanalaxmi Vishwanath Lotlikar

Doi :   Page No : 198-202

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Pattern of spousal physical abuse and associated factors among pregnant women attending antenatal clinic in Uyo, Nigeria

Author : Augustine Umoh, Emmanuel Inyang-Etoh

Doi :   Page No : 203-207

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Diagnostic accuracy of MRI in Sonographically Indeterminate Adnexal lesions

Author : Avichala Taxak, Aparna Vijaysinh Dodia, Palak Bhikhabhai Patel, Harshad Shah, Asutosh Davee

Doi :   Page No : 208-211

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A rare case of posterior wall uterine rupture in Non-Scarred Uterus

Author : Nishant Patel, Bhavesh B. Airao, Bipin R. Shah, Manish R. Pandya

Doi :   Page No : 214-216

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