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IP Journal of Nutrition, Metabolism and Health Science

Fluoride Importance in Oral Manifestations

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Author Details : Medha Sansanwal*, Shaifaly Chouhan, Sumit Bhateja, Geetika Arora

Volume : 2, Issue : 4, Year : 2019

Article Page : 97-99

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Fluoride is often called as nature’s cavity fighter. It is a mineral that is present naturally in many foods and water. Whenever there is loss of mineral from the tooth enamel due to acids formed from plaque bacteria and sugars in the oral cavity the process is called as demineralisation. Fluoride, Calcium, and Phosphate are minerals which are redeposited to the enamel layer and this process is known as remineralisation. When there is excess of demineralisation without enough remineralisation to repair the tooth enamel it leads to tooth decay. Fluoride makes the tooth more resistant to acids formed from plaque bacteria and sugars. It reverses early signs of tooth decay. The fluoride taken in from foods and beverages provides a topical benefit as it becomes the part of saliva, constantly dipping the teeth with tiny amounts of fluoride that helps in rebuilding the weakened tooth enamel.


Keywords: Fluoride, Fluorosis, Fluoridation.

Doi : 10.18231/j.ijnmhs.2019.019

How to cite : Sansanwal M , Chouhan S , Bhateja S , Arora G , Fluoride Importance in Oral Manifestations. J Nutr Metab Health Sci 2019;2(4):97-99

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