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IP Journal of Nutrition, Metabolism and Health Science

Nutrition and oral health

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Review Article

Author Details : Shaik Ali Hassan*

Volume : 2, Issue : 4, Year : 2019

Article Page : 95-96

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Diet assumes a significant job in anticipating oral illnesses including dental caries, dental erosion, developmental deformities, oral mucosal disease and, to a lesser degree, periodontal problem. Undernutrition builds the seriousness of oral mucosal and periodontal ailments and is a contributing variable to dangerous noma. Under nutrition is related with formative imperfections of the lacquer which increment helplessness to dental caries. Dental erosion is seen to increase. Proof recommends that soda gas, a significant wellspring of acids in the eating routine in nations, are a signi?cant causative factor. Persuading proof from test, creature, human observational and human mediation contemplates shows that sugars are the principle dietary factor related with dental caries. Dietary advice for the prevention of oral diseases has a part of routine patient education. This review paper suggests that the nutrition training has to be given by dentist for patients to reduce the illness related to oral mucosa.


Keywords: Nutrition, vitamin A and D, dental caries, periodontal disease.

Doi : 10.18231/j.ijnmhs.2019.018

How to cite : Hassan S A, Nutrition and oral health. J Nutr Metab Health Sci 2019;2(4):95-96

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