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Year-2017 | Volume: 3 | Issue 3

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1) Neuroimmunochemistry: A complex discipline

Author : Hanjabam Joykishan Sharma, Khuraijam Mrinalini Devi

Doi :   Page No : 76-78

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2) Intramedullary epidermoid cyst of spinal cord: Experience of 24 Cases at a Tertiary Care Institute

Author : Nitin Dange, Amit Mahore, Shashi Ranjan, Abhinandan Patil, Sandeep More

Doi :   Page No : 79-82

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3) A retrospective study of Electroencephalographic (EEG) findings and its interpretation in Adults and children

Author : Dwajani S, Nirmala K.S., Sahajananda H

Doi :   Page No : 83-87

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4) Burden, coping and functionality of the patients with neurological disability availing treatment at neuro rehabilitation ward

Author : Berigai Parthasarthy Nirmala, Mysore Narasimha Vranda

Doi :   Page No : 88-91

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6) Socio-demographic correlates of persons with schizophrenia seeking care at Mental Hospital: a cross- sectional study from North-East India

Author : Kamal Narayan Kalita, Jyoti Hazarika, Mohan Sharma, Shilpi Saikia, Priyanka Patangia

Doi :   Page No : 100-105

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7) Intraventricular Hemorrhage induced hydrocephalus: Does EVD Help

Author : Shashivadhanan, Chinmay Srivastav, Manish Garg

Doi :   Page No : 106-112

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8) Microsatellite instability and copy number variation in mitochondrial Displacement loop region in Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy

Author : Maniyar Roshan Zameer, Doshi M.A., Parveen Jahan, Parthasaradhi G, Shivannarayan G

Doi :   Page No : 113-119

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9) Incontinentia Pigmenti-A rare multisystem disorder

Author : V.K. Sanjeev, Manesh M

Doi :   Page No : 120-121

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10) Alpha Waves, Intelligence and the Orienting Reflex: A review

Author : Piush Choudhry

Doi :   Page No : 122-123

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