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Sleep wake pattern, daytime sleepiness and sleep quality in postgraduate students and demonstrators in medical non-clinical field

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Research Article

Author Details : Mohita Singh, Amrita Singh, Sunil Sachdev*

Volume : 5, Issue : 3, Year : 2019

Article Page : 155-159

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Introduction: Sleep wake cycle is diurnal rhythm where human body oscillates between awake and
sleeping state. Naps are effective in improving sleep and cognitive tasks. Sleep quality is evaluated from
objective and subjective point of view. Sleep disorders cause daytime sleepiness. The study was done to
assess sleep quality and pattern in postgraduates and demonstrators in non-clinical department.
Materials and Methods: The study was carried out in 94 subjects falling in age group of 24 -35 years.
In the first phase, the study methodology was explained and health related questionnaires were completed.
In the second phase, candidates kept a sleep diary for 14 days period that assessed the daily information on
bedtimes, wake up times, how individuals wake up and nap times.
Statistical Analysis: The test of significance used were chi-square test and student t-test with p value <
0.05 significance & p < 0>
Results: Mean age of doctors was 28.432.64. Mean sleep quality value was 5.80. Daytime sleepiness
values both during the week [ c 2 = 218.65] and on sunday [ c2 = 138.74] were non-significant. Most
were intermediate in chronotype [n=43, 45.74%] followed by morning type [n=32, 34.04%]. Majority of
the doctors took naps both during weekdays and on sunday more frequently after lunch.
Conclusion: Doctors had good quality sleep and less daytime drowsiness. Most doctors were intermediate
type followed by morning type according to chronotype assessment and used alarm clock during weekdays.
Naps were taken throughout the week though duration was more on sunday.

Keywords: Daytime sleepiness, Drowsiness, Naps, Sleep wake pattern, Sleep quality.

Doi : 10.18231/j.ijn.2019.024

How to cite : Singh M, Singh A, Sachdev S, Sleep wake pattern, daytime sleepiness and sleep quality in postgraduate students and demonstrators in medical non-clinical field. IP Indian J Neurosci 2019;5(3):155-159

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