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IP Indian Journal of Neurosciences

Descriptive epidemiology of central nervous system tumors in rural hospital of central India : 5-year experience

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Research Article

Author Details : Prasheelkumar Premnarayan Gupta*, Richa Premnarayan Goyal

Volume : 5, Issue : 3, Year : 2019

Article Page : 150-154

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Introduction: We have undertaken this study to find the spectrum of CNS tumors in our setup over a period
of 5 years.
Materials and Methods: Retrospective analysis of CNS tumors in last 5 years in our setup was done. The
tumor which were histopathologically proven were included in the study. Undiagnosed cases and tumors
of peripheral nerves were excluded. Tumors were classified according to the WHO 2007 classification for
CNS tumors.
Results: Total 168 tumors were included in the study. There were 93 male (67.7%) and 75 female patients
with male: female ratio of 1.24: 1. The median age at diagnosis 41.3 years. For Adults, most common
tumor found was of Neuroepithelial tissue (36.9%) other being tumors of meninges (26.78%), tumor of
cranial & spinal nerves (20.24%), sellar region(8.93%), metastatic tumors (5.95%) & germ cell tumor
(1.19%). Among neuroepithelial tumors, most common group of tumors was astrocytic tumors. Paediatric
tumor comprised of 7.14 % of population. The most common paediatric tumor was Astrocytoma (25%)
and medulloblastoma (25%).
Conclusion: At present there is no study about epidemiology of CNS tumors in central India. This study
may provide the representative incidence of various types of CNS tumors for our region.

Keywords: CNS tumors, Glioma, Meningioma, CNS tumor epidemiology.

Doi : 10.18231/j.ijn.2019.023

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