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Indian Journal of Microbiology Research

Microbial Burden Evaluation of Conventional Cotton Gowns to Disposable Plastic Gowns: A Comparative Study at a Tertiary Hospital

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Author Details : Lavanya Jagdish, Mita D Wadekar, Manoj Jais, Ravi Kumar Gupta

Volume : 3, Issue : 1, Year : 2016

Article Page : 40-43

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Background: The increase in number of healthcare associated infections has resulted in huge burden on medical care in the form of morbidity, mortality, and cost. In the current era of high pathogen loads and antimicrobial resistance, items used in patient care such as cotton gowns, are becoming source of cross transmission of infections. In this study, comparative microbial load of cotton gown was made with that of newly introduced disposable plastic gowns.
Methods: A total of 100 samples from cuffs and pockets of cotton gowns; and 100 samples from abdominal area of plastic gowns were taken from doctors and nurses working in a pediatric ICU and nursery. Samples were processed as per standard microbiological procedures for microbial growth followed by antimicrobial susceptibility testing. Results were compared using paired T test and chi square test.
Results: 50% of cotton gown samples and 20% of plastic gown samples showed statistically significant microbial growth (<0.01). Gram positive cocci survived better on cotton gowns whereas plastic gowns promote Gram negative bacilli. Out of two areas covered, gowns from pediatric nursery (40 cotton and 10 plastic gowns) were more contaminated than that of PICU (10 cotton and 10 plastic gowns).
Interpretation & conclusions: Overall, plastic gowns showed less microbial contamination than that of cotton gowns. The result suggest that the healthcare associated infections in more details so as to implement strict guidelines for the evaluation and restriction of articles, such as cotton gowns, which probably contributes to infections in critical areas.

Key Words:
Cotton gown, Plastic gown, Bacterial contamination, Good hygiene


How to cite : Jagdish L, Wadekar M D, Jais M, Gupta R K, Microbial Burden Evaluation of Conventional Cotton Gowns to Disposable Plastic Gowns: A Comparative Study at a Tertiary Hospital. Indian J Microbiol Res 2016;3(1):40-43

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