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Year 2020

Volume: 6 , Issue: 2

IP International Journal of Medical Paediatrics and Oncology

Morbidities of ELBW babies affecting their outcome: An observational study

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Author Details: Mishra N R, Patro K H S

Volume : 2

Issue : 4

Online ISSN : 2581-4702

Print ISSN : 2581-4699

Article First Page : 156

Article End Page : 161


Introduction: There are significant risk factors like birth asphyxia, HMD, sepsis, pulmonary hemorrhage, IVH etc. predicting survival of the ELBW neonates and is associated with increased mortality. Expectant parents of ELBW neonates, physicians and policymakers need estimates for chances of survival.
Objective: To evaluate the different antenatal factors related to ELBW babies and their associations with outcome. To determine the different complications associated with the outcome of ELBW babies.
Methods: A Hospital based observational analytical study of all ELBW neonates admitted to SNCU/NICU of PG department of pediatrics, VIMSAR, Burla after fulfilling the predefined criteria, ethical committee approval & consent from the legal heir, all the relevant data were recorded in to a predesigned proforma, entered in to Microsoft excel v 16 software and analyzed by binary logistic regression model using SPSS v 24 software.
Results: There is significant association between outcome and babies encountered with morbidities like RDS, Pulmonary hemorrhage, Sepsis, Hypoglycemia, Hypothermia, Neonatal Jaundice, NEC, Blood Transfusion, Generalized edema with p values of each association <0.05. By logistic regression, prediction of outcome from antenatal factors is 68% & morbidities are 84.2%.
Conclusion: Morbidities like sepsis, neonatal jaundice, IVH, Sclerema, anemia & antenatal factors like previous preterm delivery and multiple pregnancies predicts the outcome of ELBW.

ELBW neonates, Logistic Regression, IVH, NEC, HMD, Antenatal Factors

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