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Year 2020

Volume: 6 , Issue: 2

IP International Journal of Maxillofacial Imaging

Applicability of Chaillet-Demirjian's and Willem's age assessment methods in Chhattisgarh population: proposing Chhattisgarh population specific formula

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Author Details: Ramhari S. Sathawane, Nikita Agrawal

Volume : 3

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2581-3838

Print ISSN : 2581-382X

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 Context: Age estimation plays an important role in forensic medicine, paediatric endocrinology, archaeology, and clinical dentistry. Of the various methods which use stages of tooth calcification to predict age, Chaillet-Demirjian’s and Willem’s methods are most commonly used. But, as variations in dental development exist between different ethnic groups and populations, the foreign dental standards and data might not be applicable to local population. Thus, every method should be tested over the local population to assess its applicability & accuracy, and the necessary modifications should be suggested for its greatest accuracy.
Aims: To evaluate the applicability of dental age estimation methods, and if necessitates, to derive a Chhattisgarh population specific formula for the highest accuracy.
Settings and Design: Prospective and observational correlation study.
Methods and Material: Orthopantomograms of 103 males & 107 females, in age group 7-16 years, from Chhattisgarh population, were taken and evaluated by Chaillet-Demirjian’s and Willem’s methods for dental age estimation.
Statistical analysis used: Paired student’s t- test, Pearson’s correlation and regression analysis.
Results: An underestimation of age by Chaillet-Demirjian’s method, and an overestimation of age by Willem’s method were observed in Chhattisgarh population. Therefore, the Regression analysis was carried out to develop a formula for Chhattisgarh population for estimation of their accurate age.
Conclusions: Though both the methods showed close correlation with the chronological age (CA), there was a remarkable difference from the actual age. Hence, a Chhattisgarh population specific formula for the highest accuracy has been derived and proposed.

Keywords: Forensic medicine, Chronological age, Stages of tooth calcification, Dental age estimation, Chhattisgarh population specific formula

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