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IP Indian Journal of Library Science and Information Technology

Information Innovation during Manuscript analytics: advances, challenges Plus opportunities

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Author Details : Dau Sharan Sharma

Volume : 2, Issue : 1, Year : 2017

Article Page : 40-41

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Manuscript mining or Manuscript analytics is the analysis of unstructured data contained in natural language Manuscript using various methods, tools and techniques. It has become an important research process with applications in many different disciplines. I ignite to learn more about advances, challenges and opportunities in Manuscript analytics how is Manuscript mining different from data mining? What is the application of Manuscript mining in different disciplines? How do researchers currently practice Manuscript mining? How is Manuscript mining different from Natural Language Processing? Traditionally industries and businesses have employed data and Manuscript mining, but recently data and Manuscript mining have provided great opportunities for academicians to study different aspects of human/social life by applying various techniques. Can Manuscript mining play an active role in societal improvements? What is your opinion as an academician and sociologist? Researchers use Manuscript mining in different fields and apply different techniques to discover patterns. One sub domain of Manuscript mining is Digital Humanities, which applies tools and techniques of Manuscript mining to cultural resources to find a new pattern. In what other areas is Manuscript mining being applied? What are the latest technology trends in Manuscript mining that every researcher and academician should be aware of? Given that topic modeling emerged out of library science, it makes sense that Manuscript mining tools would be used by librarians to more efficiently evaluate their collections as well as, perhaps, analyze the attitudes and opinions of library patrons.

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