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IP Indian Journal of Immunology and Respiratory Medicine

To study of sputum cytology in COPD and bronchial asthma

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Research Article

Author Details : Rushi C Rabari, Kalpeshkumar B Patel*

Volume : 5, Issue : 1, Year : 2020

Article Page : 22-24

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Introduction: It has been observed that airflow obstruction is permanent and progressive and accompanied
by hyper-responsiveness which may be partially reversible. There are three main types of disorders in
COPD. It includes emphysema, peripheral airways disease and chronic bronchitis. Aim of this study was
to study of sputum cytology in COPD and bronchial asthma.
Materials and Methods: It was a prospective study carried out in the Department of Respiratory Medicine,
Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Science, Bhuj, Gujarat, India. The study period was from January 2019
to December 2019. The number of healthy patients recruited for the current study was 20, along with 20
asthmatic patients and 30 COPD patients. Spirometry and body plethysmography was used to measure the
capacity and volume of the lungs of all the patients. One Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) test was
conducted for counting the differences in counts of lung function variables and sputum cells.
Results: It was identified that the mean age of healthy patients was 62.81+6.2 years, of asthmatic patients
was 55.4+12.5 years, and that of the COPD patients was 65.35.6 years. During the study, it was further
determined the Specific airway conductance (sGAW) for asthmatic patients to be [0.400.02 kPa.Sec-1],
while for the COPD patients it came out to be [1.72+0.16 kPa.Sec-1]. Similarly, for the healthy patients,
it was [1.15+0.19 kPa.Sec-1]. sGaw was positively associated with sputum macrophages. However, it was
found that sGaw was inversely associated with neutrophil and neutrophil-macrophage ratio in COPD.
Conclusions: In light of the current results, it was identified that one of the important pathophysiological
conditions among the COPD patients is poor airway conductance. It increases significantly when the
penetration of neutrophils increases in the airways.

Keywords: Asthma, COPD, Emphysema.

Doi : 10.18231/j.ijirm.2020.005

How to cite : Rabari R C, Patel K B, To study of sputum cytology in COPD and bronchial asthma. IP Indian J Immunol Respir Med 2020;5(1):22-24

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