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Year-2016 | Volume: 1 | Issue 1

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Review Article

A brief review on a traditional herb: abrus precatorius (L.)

Author : Anamika Das, Vernika Jain, Amarnath Mishra

Doi : http://doi.org/10.18231/j.ijfmts.2016.001   Page No : 1-10

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Original Article

Epidemiological study of two wheeler traffic accident victims in medicolegal autopsies

Author : Lohit Naik, Sunil Kumar Kainoor, Rajesh Sangram, Neeta PN

Doi : http://doi.org/10.18231/j.ijfmts.2016.002   Page No : 11-13

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A post mortem study of fracture of Long Bones

Author : Rahul G. Peddawad, Ruta Bapat

Doi : http://doi.org/10.18231/j.ijfmts.2016.003   Page No : 14-19

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Case Report

Postmortem cadaveric depredation by animals– A diagnostic dilemma

Author : Ashish Tyagi, Shashank Tyagi, Nishtha Malik, Hitesh Chawla

Doi : http://doi.org/10.18231/j.ijfmts.2016.004   Page No : 20-23

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A misleading Periorbital Hematoma..Case Report

Author : Swapan Debbarma

Doi : http://doi.org/10.18231/j.ijfmts.2016.005   Page No : 24-25

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