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Year-2016 | Volume: 3 | Issue 1

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Profile of Patients with Diabetes Taking Self Foot Care: Data from a Rural Teaching Hospital.

Author : Amol Hartalkar, Sheetal Hartalkar, Krithika Peshwe, Bhola Nath

Doi :   Page No : 1-4

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Assessment of Risk Factors of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in an Urban Population of district Bareilly

Author : Mohammad Suhail Khan, Atul Kumar Singh, Shyam Bihari Gupta, Sumit Saxena, Sonam Maheshwari

Doi :   Page No : 5-9

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A Cross-Sectional Study to Assess the Quality of Life in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Author : Vaibhav, Brajesh K Chahar

Doi :   Page No : 10-12

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Assessment of Supplementary Nutrition Service Utilization at Anganwadi Centres in Rural Area of District Bareilly

Author : Anas Ahmad Khan, Atul Kumar Singh, S.B Gupta, J.P Singh, Huma Khan, Sonam Maheshwari

Doi :   Page No : 20-24

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An Epidemiological Study of Nutritional Status of Rural Children in Jaipur District (Raj.)

Author : Mathur SM, Brajesh Kumar, Hossain Samar, Mathur Rekha

Doi :   Page No : 25-30

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Diagnosing the Missing Cases of Hypertension: An Opportunistic Screening among Engineers in a Training Institute in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Author : Syed Jawwad Ali Hashmi, Momin Kashif Mustafa, Jagannath V Dixit

Doi :   Page No : 31-35

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Knowledge Regarding Breastfeeding amongst ANC Women in Rural Field Practice Area of IIMSR Medical College, Badnapur, Maharashtra, India

Author : Rajesh C. Sambutwad, Mohd. Shafee, Pankaj R. Gangwal

Doi :   Page No : 36-39

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A Cross Sectional Study on Breast Feeding Practices among Infants Aged Upto 6 Months in Rural Population of Jaipur, Rajasthan

Author : Samdarshi N, Kumar Brajesh, Singh S, Hossain S, Saxena R

Doi :   Page No : 40-42

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A Study of Domestic Violence in Working Women

Author : Hina Kausar, Shruti P

Doi :   Page No : 43-46

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Female Feticide: Awareness and Perception among Secondary School Children in an Urban Slum Area of Mumbai, Maharashtra”

Author : Jyoti Landge, Armaity Dehmubed, Swati Ghonge

Doi :   Page No : 47-50

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A Community - Based Primary Care Approach for Cancer Screening

Author : Selvam Paramasivam, Jayakrishnan Thayyil, Meera S Nair

Doi :   Page No : 51-55

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Study of Profile of Ligature Materials used in Case of Hanging in Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Bengaluru

Author : Yadukul.S, Ashwin Kamal, Shivakumar BC, Udaya Shankar

Doi :   Page No : 56-59

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Is Human Sternum a Tool for Determination of Sex?

Author : Manoharan C, Jeyasingh T, Dhanalakshmi V, Thangam D

Doi :   Page No : 60-63

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The Utility of Insects in Estimation of Post Mortem Interval in Human Dead Bodies

Author : Juglan Sarthak, Chaturvedi Kumar Rajesh, Kulshrestha Pankaj, Soni J.N

Doi :   Page No : 64-68

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