Indian Journal of Forensic and Community Medicine

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Year-2019 | Volume: 6 | Issue 2

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1) Child forensic interviewing - An important investigative tool in child sexual abuse cases

Author : Senthil Kumar R, Y.S Bansal, N.C Priyadarshini

Doi :   Page No : 45-48

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3) Assessment of attitude and perception of medical students towards rural health services in hilly region of Uttarakhand

Author : Dheeraj Gupta, Shiv Kumar Yadav, A R Piyush, Nidhi Mimani Gupta, Bhola Nath

Doi :   Page No : 55-60

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10) Suicidal deaths in females of central India, Indore region

Author : Pankaj Verma, Pooja Misar

Doi :   Page No : 93-95

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11) Assessment of rheological indices of chickens (Gallus gallus domestica) exposed to factory sites in Nnewi, Anambra State, South Eastern Nigeria

Author : A.N. Okpogba, E.C. Ogbodo, A.K. Amah, C.N. Chinaka, F.N. Ujowundu, E.U. Modo, I. Wopara, J.C. Okpogb

Doi :   Page No : 96-98

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14) Disregard for traffic rules lead to hemi-facial degloving injury with rupture of eye ball

Author : Rachana Gahlawat, Sumit Sachdeva, S.V. Singh, Manisha Rathi

Doi :   Page No : 107-109

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