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Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology

To compare the effect of Bromfenac 0.09% and Prednisolone 1% on postoperative inflammation and intraocular pressure in phacoemulsification

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Author Details : N Nishant, SH Patil*, Neha T, Bharath Nag, Priyanka BC

Volume : 5, Issue : 3, Year : 2019

Article Page : 363-366

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Introduction: This study was undertaken to compare the efficacy of topical Bromfenac 0.09% and Prednisolone 1%.
Materials and Methods: This was a prospective, double blind, comparative, interventional randomized controlled trial. Total of 180 patients were included in the study. Patients were randomized into two groups. Group A received Bromfenac 0.09% BD and Group B received Prednisolone 1% QID in tapering doses along with topical antibiotics post operatively. Both the groups did not receive any topical NSAIDs preoperatively. Patients preoperative grade of cataract by LOCS III Classification, post operative anterior chamber cells by SUN classification, Intraocular pressure were recorded and compared on day 3, 15 and 45 days.
Results: A total of 180 eyes were included in the study of which 20 were lost to follow up 3 in Group A and 17 in Group B. Hence a total of 160 eyes - 87 in Group A and 73 in group B completed follow up. The amount of inflammation did not differ significantly between Group A and Group B on day 3 (p=0.698) or on day 7 (p=0.325). At the end of 45 days none of the patients either in Group A or Group B had anterior chamber inflammation. IOP-There was no significant difference in IOP between the groups preoperatively (P= 0.18). But on the first follow up and subsequent follow ups there was significant difference in IOP between Group A and B (p<0 value =0.00).>
Conclusion: Bromfenac can be used as an alternative to steroid drops in controlling post operative anterior chanber inflammation in all grades of cataract especially in steroid responders.

Keywords: Bromfenac, Cataract, Inflammation, Prednisolone.

Doi : 10.18231/j.ijceo.2019.086

How to cite : Nishant N, Patil S, Neha T, Nag B, Priyanka Bc, To compare the effect of Bromfenac 0.09% and Prednisolone 1% on postoperative inflammation and intraocular pressure in phacoemulsification. Indian J Clin Exp Ophthalmol 2019;5(3):363-366

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