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Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology

Study of normative data of ephios handheld electroretinogram

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Author Details : Natasha Radhakrishnan, Gopal S. Pillai, Shilna Babu

Volume : 3, Issue : 2, Year : 2017

Article Page : 219-223

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1)       To analyse normative data from Ephios Handheld Electroretinogram.

2)       To compare the obtained normative data with that of existing data of both handheld and table top Electroretinogram.

Method: Electroretinograms was measured in 45 normal subjects in accordance with the International standardisation Protocol by ISCEV. The mean, median and standard deviation of each wave was calculated and these were compared with the results from other studies. The repeatability of handheld ERG was also tested by repeating the test in 10 subjects after 3days of first examination.
Results: The mean b-wave amplitude of dark adapted 0.01 waves was 124.19 ±47.32uV and implicit time of b-wave obtained was 70.74 ±8.72ms.The average a-wave and b-wave amplitudes and implicit time obtained for dark adapted 0.01 b-wave was 167.16 ±39.3uV, 290.81 ±73.96uV and 18.37 ±2.37ms, 43.72 ±4.33ms. The same obtained for light adapted 3.0wave was 40.15 ±20.89uV, 130.95 ±37.89uV and 15.75 ±1.05ms, 33.41 ±1.99ms. The mean b-wave amplitude and implicit time for light adapted flicker was 114.61 ±32.96uV and 30.13 ±3.6ms. The values represent mean ±standard deviation.
Conclusion: Handheld ERG is portable and fully integrated device. It is an easy to use, handy instrument, relatively inexpensive and can be used for testing both adults and children and in bedside patients. However, the use of handheld ERG has not become very widespread and hence normative data is not available. ISCEV recommends that each laboratory establish normal values based on its own equipment and patients. This study aims to bridge these lacunae in our knowledge.

Handheld, Normative, Electroretinogram

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