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Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

A study of Anatomical variations in the Dry Adult Human mandible

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Author Details : Kasat PA, Shyamkishore K, Bhuiyan PS, Bhosale YJ

Volume : 4, Issue : 2, Year : 2017

Article Page : 136-143

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Introduction: The clinicians need to be aware of various anatomical features in the mandible to avoid confusion in the variants of anatomical features with pathology. This would also help the clinicians to avoid difficulties and complications during their surgical work.
Method: Hundred dry adult human mandibles were examined for the number of retromolar foramina and fossae, condylar defects, accessory mandibular foramen, deep mylohyoid grooves, torus mandibularis, wide and shallow mandibular notch and additional sockets for teeth.
Results: Retromolar foramen was found in 12 right sides and 7 left sides. Retromolar fossae were found bilaterally in 5 mandibles. Condylar defects were observed in three mandibles. Accessory mandibular foramen was found in three right and two left sides. Deep mylohyoid groove was observed in three mandibles. Torus mandibularis was observed in one of them. The curved length of the mandibular notch ranged from 30–54mm with a mean of 39.0±4.57mm on the right side and on the left side ranged from 31–56mm with a mean of 39.6±4.12mm. The anteroposterior length of the mandibular ramus ranged from 25–50mm with a mean of 37.8±3.83mm on the right side and on the left side ranged from 28–48mm with a mean of 38.4±3.84mm. The mandibular notch was found to be wide and shallow in four mandibles. An additional socket of teeth was noted unilaterally in two mandibles.
Conclusions: The morphologic variations of the dry adult mandible are clinically important for dental surgeons, head & neck oncosurgeons and anesthetists.

Retromolar foramina, Condylar defects, Accessory mandibular foramen, Torus mandibularis, Additional incisor teeth 

How to cite : Kasat Pa, Shyamkishore K, Bhuiyan Ps, Bhosale Yj, A study of Anatomical variations in the Dry Adult Human mandible. Indian J Clin Anat Physiol 2017;4(2):136-143

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