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Year-2017 | Volume: 2 | Issue 4

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Planning for a medical emergency in a dental clinic

Author : Shahana P. Sulaiman, Laxmikanth Chatra, Prashanth Shenoy, Veena K.M., Rachana V. Prabhu

Doi :   Page No : 104-106

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Alternative therapies of neuropsychiatric disorders

Author : Gaurav Maggu, Jai Singh Yadav, Garima Bhardwaj, Ajeet Kumar, Rahul Katiyar

Doi :   Page No : 107-114

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Improvement in lipid profile of the patients with saxagliptin as add on therapy in patients of uncontrolled type 2 DM who were on metformin alone

Author : Akshay C. Dahiwele, Dinesh Kansal, Dheeraj Kapoor, Praveen Sharma

Doi :   Page No : 115-117

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Academic stress reduction by Jacobson's progressive muscle relaxation: A quasi experimental study

Author : Lobo Renilda Shanthi, Tauro Veena, George Ansu Jomy

Doi :   Page No : 118-123

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Pharmacokinetic interaction of Phosphorus on the treatment of sputum positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients

Author : N. Arivazhagan, P. Jacob Verghese, Arbind K. Choudhary

Doi :   Page No : 131-135

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The role of predictive variables, in parents having children with conduct disorder

Author : Bindu Meethale Veettil, S. Vinod Kumar, Sheeba Damodar, Vimal Rohan Kandoth, Jayasree A. B. Kumaran

Doi :   Page No : 136-142

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Assessment of knowledge, attitude & practices towards immunization against Hepatitis B virus infection amongst medical students in a medical college in Mangalore

Author : Ahammed K Saleem, Tanvi V Shetty, Mohandas Rai, Sharath Kumar K

Doi :   Page No : 143-145

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