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IP Indian Journal of Anatomy and Surgery of Head, Neck and Brain

Effect of exposure and withdrawal of pyethroid and herbal based mosquito vaporizers on histology of spinal cord of male wistar albino rats

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Research Article

Author Details : Arvind Kumar Pankaj, Manisha Pandey*, Punita Manik, Anita Rani, Sushma Tomar

Volume : 5, Issue : 1, Year : 2019

Article Page : 13-16

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Introduction: Pyrethroids, organochlorines, organophosphates, and carbamates constitute important active ingredients of available mosquito repellents in the Indian market, in which pyrethroids are found very effective and safe. The natural compounds produced by plants can inter fere major metabolic pathways, thus causing death of the insects. The aim of present study was to know the effect of exposure and withdrawal of transfluthrin and herbal based mosquito vaporizers on spinal cord of male albino rats.
Materials and Methods: We have taken spinal cord of 26 well preserved male albino wistar rats and divided in to three groups.
Control Group: Six rats, notexposed to any mosquito repellents.
Experimental Group 1: 12 rats: divided in subgroup 1A, the pyrethroid Exposure group; and subgroup1B, the Pyrethroid withdrawal group.
Experimental Group 2: Eight rats: divided in subgroup 2A, the herbal Exposure group and 2B, the herbal withdrawal group.
Results: Spinal cord of pyrethroid vaporizer exposed group showed gross destruction in their histology than the herbal based mosquito vaporizer exposure group. Also, some of the normal histological features were recovered after withdrawal of chemicals and reversal was better in herbal based mosquito vaporizer.
Conclusion: Histological findings of present study suggests that pyrethroid (Transfluthrin) based mosquito repellents are harmful to the spinal cord. Herbal based mosquito repellent also showed damage though the severity was mild as compared to pyrethroid. Reversal changes were much better in herbal withdrawal group than the pyrethroid withdrawal group.

Keywords: Pyrethroid, Transfluthrin, Herbal, Mosquito repellent, Spinal cord, Withdrawal.

Doi : 10.18231/j.ijashnb.2019.002

How to cite : Pankaj A K, Pandey M, Manik P, Rani A, Tomar S, Effect of exposure and withdrawal of pyethroid and herbal based mosquito vaporizers on histology of spinal cord of male wistar albino rats. IP Indian J Anat Surg Head Neck Brain 2019;5(1):13-16

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