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IP Indian Journal of Anatomy and Surgery of Head, Neck and Brain

Study of nutrient foramina of human tibia of Saurashtra region

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Author Details : Vrajlal J. Akbari, Ashish Rathwa*, Sanjay Chavda

Volume : 4, Issue : 3, Year : 2018

Article Page : 86-88

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Introduction: On the shaft of tibia surface openings for entry of blood vasculature is known as nutrient foramen which leads to nutrient canal to provide a pathway for blood vessels to reach medullary cavity. Topographical information about nutrient foramen is very crucial during various orthopedic surgical procedures.
Objective:Present study is conducted to find out the number of nutrient foramina, its location and direction in relation to growing end of bone and to calculate foraminal index of human tibia.
Material and Methods:In present study 61(30 right and 31 left sided) tibia bone were studied. Age and sex of the bone were unknown. Only fully intact bone without any disease were included. Surface location and direction of nutrient foramina were recorded. Total length of tibia was measured with osteomatric board. Distance of nutrient foramen from proximal end was measured with digital vernier caliper. And foraminal index was calculated. All data was tabulated and analysed statisticaly.
Result:Out of total 61 tibia 95.08% of tibia had one nutrient foramen, 3.28% tibia had two foramen and 1.64% were devoid of nutrient foramen. Almost all (98.33%) of the nutrient foramina were detected on the posterior surface, only 1.67% were on lateral surface. Zone I contained 48.33% and Zone II contained 51.67% of foramina. Not a single bone had foramen in Zone III. Direction of all foramina were towards lower end of tibia except one bone.
Conclusion:Thorough knowledge of morphology of nutrient foramina is necessary for preserving the nutrient arterial blood supply. Because it is very crucial in bone grafting, fracture healing, joint replacement therapy and vascularised bone micro surgeries.

Keywords:Tibia, Foraminal index, Nutrient foramen, Fracture, Morphometry.

Doi : 10.18231/2581-5229.2018.0023

How to cite : Akbari V J , Rathwa A , Chavda S , Study of nutrient foramina of human tibia of Saurashtra region. IP Indian J Anat Surg Head Neck Brain 2018;4(3):86-88

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