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Year-2018 | Volume: 6 | Issue 3

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2) Quality of working life of dental office staff: Surveys of work of dental assistants in Senegal

Author : Soumboundou Sankoung, Khalifa Dieng, Mamadou Lamine Ndiaye, Lamine Sane, Babacar Toure

Doi :   Page No : 51-54

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3) Determination the flow of experimental modeling waxes by using vicat apparatus

Author : Amer A. Taqa, Nadira A. Hatim, Ahmad W. Alubaidi

Doi :   Page No : 55-60

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5) Invasive mucormycosis [zygomycosis] and osteomyelitis affecting maxilla: A rare case report

Author : J. B. Garde, Harshad Bhagwat, Ashvini Vadane, Sharmishtha Gaikwad

Doi :   Page No : 66-67

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6) Multiple impacted teeth in a non syndromic patient: A case report and discussion

Author : Abhishek Singh, Vikash Jha, Neha Jha, Poonam Majumder Singh

Doi :   Page No : 68-69

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