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International Dental Journal of Student's Research

Spatial evaluation of Mental Foramen among UAE locals attending UDHS using CBCT

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Author Details : Mohammed Hussain Al-Zainal, Shamim Faraghat, Hassan Abdulqader, Maryam Al-Emadi, Youssef Marquise, N

Volume : 4, Issue : 4, Year : 2016

Article Page : 191-194

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Aim: Mental foramen could be an area subjected to trauma due to surgery or implant placement in mental area. Our aim is to measure the different parameters of the mental foramina of males and females among UAE Nationals visiting the University Dental Hospital Sharjah to enhance our knowledge of the possible locations of the mental foramen in order to prevent iatrogenic injuries through periodontal and endodontic surgeries, local anesthesia and implant placement.
Materials and Methods: This study was a retrospective study and samples included in the study were UAE nationals who already underwent a CBCT examination in the University Dental Hospital Sharjah in the period of 2010 till 2015. All samples were for nationals of the United Arab Emirates between the age of 18 and 65 whose CBCT scans shows the mental foramen area and the adjacent teeth (lower canines and first molars). Parameters measured in the mental foramen included height of foramen, width of foramen, shortest distance from foramen to adjacent tooth.
Results: There was a statistically significant gender difference  between the mean value of mental foramen height(3.77 mm±0.86 mm for males) and 3.10 mm ± 0.8mm for females) (P = 0.002).The shortest distance of the foramen to the adjacent tooth also showed statistically significant  gender differences(4.68mm ± 3.23mm for males) and (4.71 mm±1.94 mm for females), f (p= 0.012).
Conclusion: The height of the foramen and the distance of MF to the most adjacent tooth were greater in UAE males than in females. Discrepancy in the height of the foramen when dealing with different ethnicities should betaken into consideration.
Clinical Significance: MF is an important anatomical landmark for dental surgeons performing periapical surgery in the mental region such as endodontic and periodontal procedures. In order to avoid any nerve damage during oral surgery, MF location should be identified while keeping in mind the possibility of an anterior loop of the mental nerve being present mesial to the mental foramen. This should also be noted whilst performing surgery for implant placement.

Keywords: CBCT, Mental foramen, UAE nationals, Implants, Anatomical variations

How to cite : Al-zainal M H, Faraghat S, Abdulqader H, Al-emadi M, Marquise Y, N, Spatial evaluation of Mental Foramen among UAE locals attending UDHS using CBCT. Int Dent J Stud Res 2016;4(4):191-194

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