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Year-2017 | Volume: 2 | Issue 4

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2) Endometrial histopathology in abnormal uterine bleeding

Author : B.G. Malathi, Ashok. M

Doi :   Page No : 70-74

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3) Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor (IMT): Report of 8 cases at uncommon sites with literature review

Author : Punam Prasad Bhadani, Iffat Jamal, Umesh Kumar Bhadani, Shuchismita

Doi :   Page No : 75-80

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4) Colonic endoscopy in detecting lower GI lesions and its histologic correlation

Author : Noora Saeed, Kafil Akhtar, Moin Ahmad, Afzal Anees

Doi :   Page No : 81-84

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5) Environmental Pollution and Cytological changes in sputum samples taken from individuals living in the countryside and industrial area in Sudan

Author : Magdi Mansour Salih., Amal Mutasim EI Raid, Abdulla Hasab. EI Nabi

Doi :   Page No : 85-89

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6) Diagnosis of pulmonary malignant lesions by computed tomography guided FNAC & its histomorphological correlation

Author : Abhishek Agrawal, Mousumi Sharma, Megha Agrawal, Pooja Jaiswal, Nausheem Khan

Doi :   Page No : 90-92

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7) Screening by VIA-VILI: A boon for women in developing countries

Author : Sumita Mehta, Ritu Khatuja, Swati Rai, Anshul Grover, Ankita Mann, Jyoti Saini

Doi :   Page No : 93-95

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8) Pure Cutaneous form of Rosai Dorfmann disease- A cute surprise in the cutis

Author : Amita K, Vijay Shankar, Avinash Singh, Sarvesh

Doi :   Page No : 96-99

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