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Prevalence of eosinophilia in motor company patients

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Research Article

Author Details : Manasvi P, B S Padmapriya*, Volga Harikrishnan, Chitra Srinivasan

Volume : 4, Issue : 4, Year : 2019

Article Page : 297-300

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Introduction: Eosinophil levels of blood utilized to assess occupational allergic responses among motor
company workers in Chennai. Allergy is hypersensitivity disorder of immune system in response to allergic
substances called allergens. Common allergens include pollen, pesticides, food, insects, dust, or mould.
Eosinophila can also be seen in conditions like acute myeloid leukemia, Churg Strauss syndrome, in
response to drugs, parasites.
Aim and Objective: To study the prevalence of eosinophilia present in blood samples in a group of workers
from a motor company without any clinical complaints who came for master health check-up at Saveetha
Medical College and Hospital and to also study other parameters: age, sex, smoking habits, atopy.
Materials and Methods: 290 haematology reports were taken from motor company workers who came
for master health check-up at Saveetha Medical College Hospital. Samples were analysed by automated
haematology analyser.
Results: 290 haematology reports were analysed. Among these, 21% (62 patients) having eosinophilia
wherein 88% having mild eosinophilia, 12% having moderate eosinophilia, none of the samples show
severe eosinophilia. None of them having significant clinical symptom.
Conclusion: Eosinophilia was seen in patients without any clinical symptoms. Mild to moderate
eosinophilia was observed. There were no cases of severe eosinophilia.
There was no significant relationship, suggesting that the nature of job undertaken by these motor company
employees has nothing to do with eosinophilia in blood.

Keywords: Eosinophilia motor company haematology,allergy hypersensitivity.

Doi : 10.18231/j.achr.2019.056

How to cite : Manasvi P, Padmapriya B S, Harikrishnan V, Srinivasan C, Prevalence of eosinophilia in motor company patients. IP Arch Cytol Histopathol Res 2019;4(4):297-300

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