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Annals of Geriatric Education and Medical Sciences (AGEMS) are open access, double-blind  Read More...
Annals of Geriatric Education and Medical Sciences

Abbreviation : Ann Geriatr Educ Med Sci

ISSN : 2348-7348

E-ISSN : 2348-7240

Frequency : Half-yearly

Subjects: Main Subject is  Medical Science  And Sub Subject Geriatric Education, Geriatric Medicine, Health Science, Geriatric Science, Community Health, Nursing

Keywords : Adverse Drug Reactions, Cognitive impairment, Drug Metabolites, Drug Interactions, Geriatric Medicine, Hearing Loss, Impaired Vision, Immobility, Incontinence and Impaired intellect/memory, Muscle Weakness, Multiple Comorbidities, Old Age Home Nursing, Ol

Current Volume : 7

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About us :Annals of Geriatric Education and Medical Sciences (AGEMS) an open access, peer-reviewed Half-yearly journal publishing since 2014 and being published under auspices of the “Karam Society”. The  Read More...

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