Recruiting editorial board members

  • The editorial board members are the ambassadors of the journal.
  • They carry the merits and uniqueness of the journal across the scientific community and attract unsolicited articles for consideration.
  • To fit this role, the members of the editorial board should ideally be learned members of the subject of the journal with interests similar to the scope of the journal.
  • They should be at the forefront of the scientific development of their field.
  • Selection should be unbiased based on the educational and research background.
  • They can be trust-worthy long associated reviewers of the journal. Eminent persons can be recommended for consideration in the editorial board by the current members of the board. Voluntary applications can also be invited for the membership. The selection should be approved in the editorial board meeting that is headed by the Editor in chief of the journal
  • The board can also include members from the industry like pharmacological companies. However, the views of such members should be viewed with caution in terms of conflict of interest.
  • The region of such members depends on the scope of readership of the journal. A regional/institutional journal may have the prominent members of that region in the editorial board. However, a journal with international aspirations should have international members.
  • The tenure of a member should be clearly defined at the time of selection to avoid uncomfortable situations in the future.


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