Publishing ethics for editors

Adhering to the highest standards of publication ethics is the core of the Innovative Publication publishing model. It is the fundamental quality to help us achieve our goal of seamless dissemination of scientific knowledge.

The journals of Innovative Publication follow guidelines of the COPE (Committee On Publication Ethics). COPE is an international authority in the guidance of publishers, editors, and authors in all aspects of publishing. Innovative Publication adheres to the best practices of COPE. In case of any misconduct, the Innovative Publication encourages the editors to refer to the flowcharts of COPE for better decision making

The Innovative publication organizes continuing medical education programs for the journal editors to refresh and stay up to date with publishing ethics from time to time. We also encourage the editors to become members of COPE and attend COPE forums to stay updated.


Outline of ethics at Innovative Publications:

  • The editors should be aware that each step in the publication from reception of an article to publication involves ethical concern. They should make sure that the ethical policies of the journal in each step are clearly outlined.
  • The editors should have clear policies on common issues of ethical concern like data fabrication/falsification, plagiarism, ethical problems in conduction of the study, duplicate publication, authorship issues, an undisclosed conflict of interest.


Editorial principles:

  • The editors should hold accountability and responsibility for all the content of the journal
  • The editors should make fair and unbiased decisions in all situations to uphold the integrity of the journal
  • The editors should maintain confidentiality on matters of the identity of the reviewers and authors.
  • The editors should ensure maximum transparency in the publication process.
  • The editors should ensure a fair and critical peer review process



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