Inviting articles

General outline for editors to invite articles for publication:


Articles for publication can be

  1. solicited or
  2. unsolicited articles

Solicited articles:

These are generally sought from well-known experts in the field. They can be guest editorials or review articles or updates of their current research projects. The experts can be identified by their previous works and suggestions from the editorial board.

One of the key duties of the editor in soliciting articles is to identify the hot topics of interest in the subject. The editor must be aware of the upcoming subspecialty in the field. He must sense the areas that will positively impact the field in the coming years. Soliciting articles in hot topics will increase the citation count of the articles, improving the impact of the journal.

Unsolicited articles:

High submission rate the essential need to enjoy publishing high-quality articles at regular intervals. One of the duties of the editor is to make the journal, a comfortable and reputed journal in the field for publishing high-quality research articles. If the submission rate becomes low the editorial board will find it difficult to filter out high-quality articles for publication.

In such situations, the editor must consider widening the scope of the journal.

The article composition can be changed. Acceptance of case reports should be increased.

Special editions dedicated to burning topics in the field should be commissioned periodically.

The editors are encouraged to partner with the conferences of national and international repute to publish the podium presentations and proceedings of such conferences


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