Flow of journal processing

The flow of the Peer review and Pre-Publication process

  • Manuscripts are evaluated by the editorial staff for adherence to the structure and guidelines mentioned in the ‘’instructions to authors” section. If there is any discrepancy, the manuscript is sent back to the authors for correction. If the paper is deemed fit for further review, the author names and institutions are removed and the paper is prepared for double-blinded peer-review. 
  • The manuscript is reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief (EIC), who then assigns the paper to a Deputy/ Associate Editor. In most cases, the Deputy Editor then sends the paper to corresponding reviewers. If the manuscript does not suit the aims and scope of the journal then after a brief discussion with the EIC, the manuscript is sent back to the authors
  • If a reviewer or handling editor has a conflict regarding the subject matter of a manuscript, he/she discloses this to the EIC, who makes the final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of the manuscript.
  • After peer review, if the article requires correction/clarification before further consideration, the article along with the comments of the reviewer and deputy editor, after confirmation by the EIC is sent back to the corresponding author for the reply. The authors will have 4 weeks of time to respond with the revised manuscript.
  • The revised manuscript will again undergo the peer review process
  • If reviewers disagree regarding the acceptance of a manuscript, the decision may be arbitrated at a workshop, which the journal may hold several times a year.
  • If the article is accepted for publication, which is decided by the EIC after considering the comments of the reviewers and deputy editor, the corresponding author is intimated of the further pre-publication process.
  • After the completion of the further pre-publication process, the article is published online first followed by the print version in the upcoming editions which will be intimated to the corresponding author 6 weeks before the publication of the edition.



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