Crossref Similarity Check (powered by iThenticate) can be used to cross-check documents against thousands of published content items in their database. It highlights text passages that a submitted manuscript shares in common with earlier published content. Authors should note that only content from Crossref members is available in the Crossref database and content is continually added. 
iThenticate - Similarity Check

Journals published at Innovative Publication, evaluate submissions on the understanding that they are the original work of the authors. Reuse of text, data, figures, or images without appropriate acknowledgment or permission is considered plagiarism, as is the paraphrasing of text, concepts, and ideas. This includes copying sentences or paragraphs verbatim from someone else’s work, even if the original work is cited in the references. All allegations of plagiarism are investigated in accordance with COPE guidelines detailed below: COPE suspected plagiarism in a submitted manuscript

Innovative is offering the Crossref Similarity Check software to Journal Editors of Innovative Journals and Society and Publishing partners journals to check work against millions of other published scholarly articles, books, conference paper dissertations, other academic content, and billions of web pages to ensure its originality. The web-based tool can be used in the editorial process to identify matching text but it cannot, on its own, identify plagiarism. Manual examination of the matching text is required and judgment used to identify if plagiarism has occurred or not.

Authors must not use the words, figures, or ideas of others without attribution. All sources must be cited at the point they are used, and reuse of wording must be limited and be attributed or quoted in the text.

Plagiarism detection at an early stage may be helpful to:


  1. Educate authors who are less familiar with the ethics of publishing:
  2. Reduce the workload for editors and reviewers if ethical issues are captured at any early stage.

Manuscripts that are found to have been plagiarized from a manuscript by other authors were published or unpublished, will be rejected and the authors may incur sanctions. Any published articles may need to be corrected or retracted.


  1. COPE guidelines on suspected plagiarism in a published paper
  2. ICMJE Recommendations


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