IP Innovative Publications manuscript review system

Innovative Publications manuscript review system is known as IPPP (Innovative Pre-Publication Portal). IPPP is used for the management of an online manuscript processing system. Which allows you to submit articles and track their progress up to the proof stage and final publication. This secure and easy to use service simplifies the uploading, reviewing and editing of scientific manuscripts. Innovpub.org enables manuscripts to be received and processed remotely by editors and reviewers from any computer at any time. With built-in mobile and email alerts as well as reference and plagiarism checking tools and drastically decreases the time spent on processing and peer-reviewing submitted manuscripts.

Feature of IPPP (Innovative Pre Publication Portal

  • Smooth flow of all functions of an editorial office on the single platform
  • All participants (Authors, Reviewers, Editor and staff) have their own rights and having an individualized password-protected
  • All reminders and notification sanded automatically
  • Operate on double-blind peer review
  • Follows all ethical guidelines and resources provided
  • All stages from submission to proofread and Publication on the same hassle-free platform
  • Independent platform – Not software or computer resource based only required web-based browser and internet connection

Advantage of IPPP

  • Easily accessible from any PC anywhere
  • All process perform at any time
  • Faster article submission is self-explanatory all templates available
  • Enhance the working capacity of the editorial office
  • Reduced postage/printing cost
  • Singletrack communication with the author as an automated reference number is allocated
  • Lesser enquires from authors as anyone can check and track the stages/ progress of submitted articles
  • Easy record maintenance and performance tracking
  • Coordinate quickly and easily with editors, publishers or printers anywhere in the world

What makes IPPP advance

  • Mobile text/ SMS Alert
  • Automated email communication
  • Reference checking
  • Plagiarism check
  • Single-blind/ double-blind options
  • Multimedia files
  • APC management
  • Unique article reference number
  • Easy interaction at any stage.


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