How to submit article?

All manuscripts must be submitted on-line through the website

First-time users please click the Register button from the main menu and enter the requested information.

On Successfully Registration, you will be sent an email indicating your user name and password. Print a copy of this information for future reference.

If you have received an email from us with an assigned user ID and password, or if you are a repeat user, do not register again. Just log in.

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Once you have an assigned ID and password, re-registration is unnecessary, even if your status changes (that is, author, reviewer, or editor). You will be able to track the progress of your manuscript through the system. 



The contributor may provide names of two or three qualified reviewers who have had experience in the subject of the submitted manuscript, but who are not affiliated with the same institutes as the contributor/s. However, the selection of these reviewers is the sole discretion of the editorial office policy.

When you submit an article, the following items must be included. Manuscripts that do not adhere to the following instructions will be returned to the corresponding author for technical revision before undergoing peer review.


  1. Title Page/First Page File/ Cover Letter. All information that can reveal your identity should be here. Use text/rtf/doc files. Do not zip the files. The covering letter must include
  • A full statement to the editor about all submissions and previous reports that might be regarded as redundant publication of the same or very similar work. Any such work should be referred to specifically, and referenced in the new paper. Copies of such material should be included with the submitted paper, to help the editor decide how to handle the matter.
  • A statement of financial or other relationships that might lead to a conflict of interest, if that information is not included in the manuscript itself or in an authors’ form
  • A statement that the manuscript has been read and approved by all the authors, that the requirements for authorship as stated earlier in this document have been met, and that each author believes that the manuscript represents honest work if that information is not provided in another form (see below): and
  • The name, address, and telephone number of the corresponding author (address for correspondence), who is responsible for communicating with the other authors about revision and final approval of the proofs, if that information is not included on the manuscript itself.
  1. Blinded Article file: The manuscript must not contain any mention of the authors’ names or initials or the intuition at which the study was done or acknowledgements. Page header/running title can include the title but not the authors’ names. Manuscripts not in compliance with The Journal’s blinding policy will be returned to the corresponding author. The main text of the article, beginning from Abstract till Reference (including tables) should be in this file. Use rtf/doc files. Do not zip the files. Limit the file size to 1024 kb (1 MB). Do not incorporate images in the file.
  2. Image: Submit good quality colour images. Each image should be less than 5 MB in size. The size of the image can be reduced by decreasing the actual height and width of the images (keep up to 1800 x 1200 pixels or 5-6 inches). Image format jpeg is acceptable. Do not zip the file. Online images will suffice till the acceptance of the article. Good creative and informative images are being encouraged by the editorial team. Outstanding images will be shortlisted for the cover image of the corresponding issue of the journal.
  3. Legends: Legends for the figure/images should be included at the end of the article file.

The contributor’s form and copyright transfer form (template provided below) have to be submitted in original with the signatures of all the contributors within fifteen days of confirmation from submission via courier,  post, or email as a scanned image. Hard copies of the images (one set) with high resolution and good contrast, for articles submitted online, should be sent to the journal office only.

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