Funder Registry

Funder Registry

Innovative Publication strive to maintain a clear and transparent record of the scientific progress of the funder registry. Funders are required to report on the outcomes of the research they have supported, this poses a significant challenge. Publishers cannot easily report to funders which articles result from research supported by specific funders or grants. In response, funders have to mine publication data in order to track funding sources, which are accessible to the entire scholarly community. Innovative article metadata, however, is not just limited to information about authors, DOIs, abstracts, and citations. As a publisher, we also include robust and verified information regarding funding agencies and their various awards.


Open Funder Registry

The Crossref Funder Registry is an open archive of funders found throughout the world and their accompanying ID (similar to DOIs and ORCID for authors). Using this registry has the following benefits:

  1. Funding organizations can easily track published results relating to their grants
  2. Monitoring research output by an author’s institution becomes much easier
  3. Innovative can analyze funding sources to aide authors in ensuring compliance with funder mandates
  4. Transparency increase as it relates to who funded the research, the results of the R&D funding, and possible conflicts of interest resulting from that funding


Members contribute by depositing the funding acknowledgments from their publication as part of their standard metadata, together with the unique funder ID listed in the Funder Registry. The deposit should include funder names, funder IDs, and associated grant numbers.


This means that anyone can make connections, for example, to identify which funders invest in certain fields of research. Funding data is also used by funders to track the publications that result from their grants.

AS of its launch Funder Registry is open to participation from any Crossref member publisher. Funders and other interested parties can search the Funder Registry database at


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